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Paediatric eczema


UK multicentre audit of the management of eczema in children - official publication (January 2018)

Eczema proforma section A (Word)

Eczema proforma section B (Word)

Eczema proforma section A (PDF)

Eczema proforma section B (PDF)

Interim report

BAD-BSPD paediatric eczema national audit 2015 - interim report (December 2015)

Graphs and summaries (PowerPoint file)

Email invitation to all UK working members (this audit is now closed)

Dear member,

We would like to invite you to participate in this national clinical audit, jointly badged by the BAD and BSPD, based on the audit standards derived from NICE clinical guidelines for the management of atopic eczema in children (CG57).

We are providing an Excel-based proforma (attached) to collect all the data. Please identify notes for 10 consecutive patients with atopic eczema, seen between 1st January 2014 to 31st December 2014, who have had at least one follow-up consultation. Use the notes to respond to the questions in the proforma.

The descriptions for the audit standards are featured on the top row in the proforma. Each response cell pertaining to the audit standards has a drop-down option from which to choose your response; click on the appropriate cell, then click the down arrow () which appears to the right of the cell, and choose your response (screen capture below).

Please DO NOT TYPE in your responses as it will corrupt the cell, yield non-standardised responses, and cause problems for subsequent data analyses. There is a comments column provided for each audit standard should you wish to explain your responses.

There are also additional spreadsheets in the Excel file containing information related to specific audit standards, which can be accessed by clicking on the URL links on the main audit proforma spreadsheet.

Please complete your details in the designated areas in the audit proforma to validate your submission, so we can subsequently email you an acknowledgement, as well as a copy of the results which can be used as evidence to support revalidation.

N.B. The audit proforma could also be used to undertake independent local audits.

This is a clinical audit based on NICE standards and is likely to be mandatory within your hospital or Trust. You may be able to register this with your hospital or Trust to satisfy their requirements, and also enable you to provide benchmarked results for discussion with your clinical and management team.

The audit data collection will close on Friday 13th March 2015.

Please consider these actions before proceeding to begin to enter the audit data:

  1. Register the audit with your hospital or Trust.
  2. Obtain 10 consecutive sets of notes for patients with eczema who have had at least one follow-up consultation.
  3. Set aside some free time to undertake this audit.

Please forward any queries to BAD Clinical Standards Administrator, Andrew Brain (

DISCLAIMER: This audit opportunity was provided by the BAD through the Health Informatics sub-committee, to enable members to undertake a NICE national clinical audit. We would like to emphasise that the questions are not those designed by the BAD but are transcriptions from the audit standards derived from NICE clinical guidelines for the management of atopic eczema in children (CG57).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why do you require information on "Hospital", "Unit Number" and "Patient Initials" in columns A, B and C in the spreadsheet proforma?
A1: These first three columns are to help respondents with the data gathering exercise in identifying their 10 patients. The BAD does not require these data and you may delete them prior to submitting your proforma to

Q2: In terms of selecting patients eligible for inclusion in the audit, would both their initial and follow-up assessments need to be between 1st January and 31st December 2014?
A2: Ideally yes, but we would accept data for patients who were first seen during the above audit period but were followed up in 2015.

Q3: There is no option for "Emollients with potent topical steroid" to select in the drop-down field for treating patients with severe eczema in accordance with the stepped approach.
A3: Unfortunately this is an error which had been inadvertently copied from NICE's audit tool - the BAD will report this to NICE. If you would like to choose "Emollients with potent topical steroid" then please select "Emollients with moderate potency topical steroid" and write "potent" in the next column. Apologies, and thank you.

Q4: I am uncertain about the two questions relating to use of topical steroids on specific sites over 5 or 14 days - are these consecutive or non-consecutive periods of time?
A4: These questions are designed to capture the use of topical steroids on those sites for more than 5 consecutive days, therefore, please select "No" for cases where non-consecutive or intermittent use of topical steroids is involved.

BAD Clinical Standards Unit
BAD Health Informatics Sub-Committee

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