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Official Responses

The British Association of Dermatologists is invited to comment on a large number of consultation documents each year. These documents are issued by government departments, regulatory bodies and various other organisations around the UK. Please click on any of the "+" symbols in the list below for our most recent and important official responses to the Department of Health, General Medical Council, All Party Parliamentary Group, NICE, MHRA and other professional bodies.

We also keep an archive of all official responses.

King’s Fund report into dermatology services in the UK

A report by the King’s Fund into a major NHS specialty - dermatology - has identified staff shortages, poor training, inconsistent quality in diagnosis and treatment and large variations in access to specialist care, affecting millions of patients across the UK each year.

Dermatology represents an important part of NHS provision. Each year, approximately 24 per cent of the population will visit their GP with a skin complaint, making skin conditions the most frequent reason for people to consult their doctor with a new problem.

The independent report by the King’s Fund, commissioned by the British Association of Dermatologists, reveals a number of worrying challenges facing dermatology services and identifies opportunities for improvement, which may also be applied to other health specialties. The report looked at a range of issues, including workforce (staffing), training, use of temporary or locum staff, technology and the role of pharmacy, making a number of observations and recommendations.

The full report is available to download at both the top and the bottom of this page. Below you will find a download of an infographic summarising the report.

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