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Journal Information

Journal Information

Journals of the British Association of Dermatologists 



The British Journal of Dermatology is one of the top dermatology journals in the world, and publishes papers on all aspects of the biology and pathology of the skin. Originally the Journal, founded in 1888, was devoted almost exclusively to the interests of the dermatologist in clinical practice. However, the rapid development, since the 1950s, of research on the physiology and experimental pathology of the skin has been reflected in the contents of the Journal, which now provides a vehicle for the publication of both experimental and clinical ethical research and serves equally the laboratory worker and the clinician.



Clinical and Experimental Dermatology delivers excellence in dermatology education, it is the British Association of Dermatologists education journal for practicing clinicians and dermatological researchers. It aims to advance the understanding, management and treatment of skin disease and improve patient outcomes and incorporates CPD modules, original articles, reviews and concise reports.




Skin Health and Disease is new a multidisciplinary international open-access journal from the British Association of Dermatologists covering all aspects of dermatology from basic science, translational and clinical research. The overarching aim of the journal is to improve patient outcomes. All papers will undergo rigorous and fast peer review, as well as rapid publication times.







Journals of the International League of Dermatological Societies



Community Skin Health (formerly Community Dermatology Journal) is published by the International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDS) as the official journal of the International Foundation for Dermatology (IFD). The journal is aimed primarily at healthcare workers in resource-poor environments. All current and past issues are freely available on the IFD website, and on the CSH App available on both Android and iOS. Paper copies are sent to healthcare workers in nearly 180 countries. For more information, please visit the CSH information page.



Journal Contacts

British Journal of Dermatology
Clinical & Experimental Dermatology
Skin Health & Disease
Head of Publishing - Shehnaz Ahmed
Editorial Manager - John Caulfield
Editorial Coordinator - Jide Ibitoye
Journal Administrator - Imogen Richardson
Community Skin Health editorial team





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