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Commercial Platforms & Smartphone Apps

Commercial teledermatology platforms

A range of commercial platforms offer teledermatology functionality. The BAD subcommittee aim to maintain an overview of use of these platforms across the UK to provide impartial advice and feedback from users across the country. Commercial teledermatology platforms include Consultant Connect, Cinapsis, Dermicus, InHealth, Kinesis, Vantage Health and eDerma.*

Commercial platforms can be commissioned as:

  • a potential alternative to e-RS Advice and Guidance (A&G)
  • a platform to interface with e-RS to aid triage of referrals using e-RS

*Despite listing these commercial platforms they are not endorsed by the BAD.


Smart phone apps

A range of commercial apps are available to allow personal smart phones to be used to securely take and transfer images of patients. These apps can be commissioned as a stand-alone app (including Consultant Connect and Pando) to allow images to be attached to e-RS, or alternatively as part of a complete commercial A&G pathway as listed above. These apps allow images to be transferred to and a secure cloud for downloading by clinicians or administrative staff into clinical systems such as e-RS. No clinical information is stored on the smart phone.

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