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Advice and Guidance

From 1 February 2021 additional functionality has been added to E-Referral.

Full details of the changes can be found at:  A&G functionality changes

Clinicians now have the opportunity, where indicated by the GP, to convert an advice request into a referral without the need to send it back to the originating GP. This is to reduce the burden on GPs and streamline patient care.

Important- To avoid having to search for services and appointment slots, please only select  Convert this to a referral and Request admin team to refer the patient



This will allow the advice request to be moved from the Advice & Guidance work list into the “Appointments for Booking” work list.  From this list, the Administrative Team will be able to see the request and process it appropriately


  • Please continue to manage as many patients with advice as possible and appropriate, given the long waiting lists
  • If converting, please still give as much educational advice back as possible to help the GP manage the patient in the interim
  • Ensure local pathways are in place if upgrading A&G to 2WW


Useful resources for Advice and Guidance:

Quick guide for clinicians reviewing Advice and Guidance Requests

Advice & Guidance FAQs - This document is intended to support local health systems to successfully mobilise A&G services.

Advice and Guidance Toolkit Advice and guidance supports the NHS long term plan to use digital technology to redesign clinical pathways and reduce unnecessary hospital referrals. The e-RS A&G Toolkit supports clinicians, commissioners and service managers develop A&G services across a range of specialties.

Advice and Guidance High Impact Intervention Guides September 2020 - National Elective Care Recovery and Transformation Programme guides

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