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Sustainability in Dermatology

We know that we are part of a severe climate and ecological crisis. Much more needs to be done, and very quickly, if we are to stand a chance of regenerating the planet as a healthy place to live. We need significant organizational action and resources, and everyone has a part to play.

The NHS has launched ‘For a Greener NHS’ and will require all areas of the NHS to demonstrate rapid decarbonisation to Net Zero as soon as possible. What can dermatologists do to contribute to this? We can develop sustainable healthcare systems that provide healthcare for patients today without compromising health and care provision in the future.

The British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) is demonstrating its commitment to sustainability by outlining a workstream for Sustainable Dermatology and has already set up a Task Force to develop a strategy.

As the first step of this workstream, the Sustainability Group (SG) at the BAD hosted a workshop in collaboration with The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (CSH), to engage members with the issue.

The workshop, set up and lead by Dr Tabi Leslie, Consultant Dermatologist, Honorary Secretary British Association of Dermatologists, was very successful in engaging over 100 members with sustainability in Dermatology – a topic new to most of the participants.

Read our full report on the Workshop here.

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