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Primary Care Dermatological Society

The PCDS was formed in July 1994 by a group of GP skin specialists who recognised the need for such a forum where GPs could exchange views on primary care dermatology, develop skills and progress clinical research in this exciting and developing field of medicine.

The founding GPs recognised the fact that around 10-15% of primary care workload involves dermatology and that many common skin conditions are managed entirely within the Practice. This workload is also likely to increase as changes in funding and the NHS structure move more patient care into the community. Thus, in collaboration with the Consultant Dermatologist, GPs will be increasingly involved in the disease management of chronic skin diseases.

The founding members therefore took the initiative and agreed to form the PCDS, with the criteria that Committee members would be practising GPs in order to successfully represent the membership and the Society's objectives both in the UK and Ireland.

A new initiative to raise standards of dermatology in the community.

The PCDS offers training and teaching programmes, PGEA-accredited regional workshops and access to major clinical and research papers, along with a host of other benefits for its members. 


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