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Dowling Club Travel Awards

Many congratulations to the successful applicants for this Spring's Dowling Club/BAD travel awards!

We are grateful to all the companies who generously sponsor these travel fellowships.

BAD/DC Travel Fellowships Winter 2013

BAD Dr Sharizan Ghaffar - the Asia Pacific Contact Dermatitis and Occupational Dermatitis Congress in Yogyakarta and the University of Keio Dermatology Department
BAD Dr Anneke Kai - AAD Miami
BAD Dr Burden-Teh - AAD Miami
BAD Dr Navara Anjum - the American College of Mohs Surgery Annual Meeting 2013, Washington
BAD Dr Nicole Chiang - AAD, Miami
BAD Dr Tee Wei Siah - Department of Dermatology and Skin Science, University of British Columbia

BAD/DC Travel Fellowships Summer 2012

BAD Dr Tang Shim - 21st EADV Congress, Prague
BAD Dr Jamie Wee - 21st EADV Congress, Prague
BAD Dr Kinga Kazmierczyk - 21st EADV Congress, Prague
BAD Dr Mohammad Ghazavi - 21st EADV Congress, Prague

BAD/DC SAS Travel Fellowships Summer 2012

LEO Pharma Dr Helen Horn - Congress of the European Society of Contact Dermatitis in Malmo
LEO Pharma Dr Christine Reckling - Congress of the European Society of Contact Dermatitis in Malmo

BAD/DC Travel Fellowships Winter 2012

Neutogena Dr Angela Tewari - ASP in Montreal
Neutogena Dr Anneke Kai - AAD San Diego 
BAD Dr Al-Rawi Haytham - Annual Meeting of the American College of Mohs Surgery, Chicago 
BAD Dr James Powell - EADV, Barcelona 

BAD/DC Travel Fellowships Autumn 2011

Neutrogena Dr Weronika Szczecinska - AAD San Diego

 BAD/DC Travel Fellowships Summer 2011

LEO Pharma Dr Angela Tewari - The 14th European Society of  Photobiology Meeting in Geneva
LEO Pharma Dr Maeve Walsh - XXI World Congress of the International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal Disease, Paris
Neutrogena Dr Rosalind Simpson  - XXI World Congress of the International Society for the Study of Vulval Disease and International Postgraduate Course, Paris
Neutrogena Dr Jack Mann - AAD San Diego

BAD/DC SAS Travel Fellowships Summer 2011

Neutrogena Dr Elizabeth Ogden - AAD San Diego
Neutrogena Dr Morteza Moatamedi - AAD San Diego

BAD/DC Travel Fellowships Winter 2011

Neutrogena Dr Kapil Bhargava - Yale University Dermatology Department 
Neutrogena Dr Ghazavi Khorasgani - 22nd World Congress of Dermatology, Seoul 
LEO Pharma Dr Pawel Bogucki - 8th EADV Spring Symposium, Carlsbad 
LEO Pharma Dr Victoria Jolliffe - St Vincent Hospital, Melbourne 

BAD/DC Travel Fellowships Autumn 2010

Neutrogena Dr Rosalind Simpson - AAD New Orleans
Neutrogena Dr Namita Talsania - EADV Sweden

BAD/DC Travel Fellowships Spring 2010

Neutrogena Dr Rose Mak - the Australiasian College of Dermatologists International Meeting, Darwin, Australia 
Neutrogena Dr Janakan Natkunarajah - 7th EADV Spring Symposium  Cavtat 
LEO Pharma Dr Shantini Rice - ESDR, Helsinki 
LEO Pharma Dr Paul Farrant - 6th World Congress for Hair Research, Cairns Australia 
BAD Dr Maeve Walsh - 7th EADV Spring Symposium Cavtat 

BAD/DC Travel Fellowships Autumn 2009

Neutrogena Dr Elaine Agius – ESDR Annual Conference
Neutrogena Dr Abigail Fogo – Tanzania, Africa

BAD/DC SAS Travel Fellowships Autumn 2009

LEO Pharma Dr Zhuxiang Nie – Wroclaw, Poland
LEO Pharma Dr Sandeep Kamath – Bangalore, India

BAD/DC Travel Fellowships Spring 2009

LEO Pharma Dr Joey Lai Chong - SID Meeting, Montreal
Stiefel Dr Sarita Singh - SID Meeting, Montreal

BAD/DC Travel Fellowships Autumn 2008

Neutrogena Dr Jonathan Batchelor - EADV Paris 
Neutrogena Dr Rhonda Meys - Montreal 
Typharm Dr Rachel Morris-Jones - Tanzania 
Typharm Dr Louise Newell - Ethiopia 
Stiefel Dr Rubeta Matin - London 

BAD/DC SAS Travel Fellowships Autumn 2008

Typharm Dr Sabitha Lakshminarayanan - India 
Typharm Dr Prakash Gowda - India 
Leo Pharma Dr Katherine Finucane - Germany 
Leo Pharma Dr Tapati Sinha - AAD San Francisco 
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