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Healthcare Professionals

Dowling Club


President  Dr Donna Thompson 
Honorary Secretaries    Dr Sunita Odedra, Dr Marisa Taylor
Honorary Treasurer   Professor Christopher Bunker


Dr Anthony Bewley (Immediate Past President)
Dr Padma Mohandas, Dr Alia Ahmed (Immediate Past Secretaries)  
Prof Robin Graham-Brown (Immediate Past Honorary Treasurer) 
Dr Georgios Kravvas (Trainee Representative)
Professor Malcolm Rustin (President-Elect)
Professor Nick Levell (President-Elect-Elect
Dr Julia Ellis (Committee member and archivist)
Dr Tina Green (Committee member and archivist)
Dr Jenny Hughes (Committee member) 
Dr Julia Schofield (Committee member)

Secretary Details:

Twitter: Dowlingclub


Visit our Facebook Page and search 'Dowling Club'


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