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Healthcare Professionals

Dowling Club


President  Dr Donna Thompson 
Honorary Co-Secretaries    Dr Sunita Odedra, Dr Marisa Taylor
Honorary Treasurer   Professor Christopher Bunker


Dr Anthony Bewley (Immediate Past President)
Dr Padma Mohandas, Dr Alia Ahmed (Immediate Past Secretaries)  
Prof Robin Graham-Brown (Immediate Past Honorary Treasurer) 
Dr Georgios Kravvas (Trainee Representative)
Professor Malcolm Rustin (President-Elect)
Professor Nick Levell (President-Elect-Elect)
Dr Julia Ellis (Committee member and archivist)
Dr Tina Green (Committee member and archivist)
Dr Jenny Hughes (Committee member) 
Dr Julia Schofield (Committee member)

Secretary Details:

Twitter: Dowlingclub


Visit our Facebook Page and search 'Dowling Club'


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