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Healthcare Professionals

British Society for the Study of Vulval Disease

The BSSVD is a multidisciplinary organisation which is registered as a charity. Membership consists of dermatologists, gynaecologists, pathologists, genitourinary medicine physicians, sexual medicine physicians, nurses and scientists. Applications for membership are welcomed from health professionals with an interest in vulval disease.

The Council is comprised of representatives of the different specialties in equal proportion. The BSSVD exists to support research and education in vulval disease. It has strong links with patient support groups and there are two patient representatives on the council.

A two day meeting is held biennially with a teaching day in the alternating years. The BSSVD is active in guideline development and promoting high standards for patients with vulval disease.

President - Dr Susan Cooper

Chair - Mr David Nunns

Secretary - Dr Christine Bates

Membership and Treasurer - Miss Ursula Winters

Website Manager - Dr Abigail Winston

Research Lead - Dr Rosalind Simpson

Patient Representative - Tara Robinson

Trainee Representative - Dr Vanitha Sivalignam

For further information, visit our website

Registered Charity 1081697. Company registered number 03545455. Registered office: 129A Middleton Boulevard, Wollaton Park, Nottingham NG8 1FW. Registered in England.

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