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Associate Membership

An Associate Membership of the BAD shall be a medical practitioner with a major interest in dermatology, who has worked for the NHS as a clinician in dermatology for the last two years, and who is not on the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council. Nominations on the appropriate form with a current curriculum vitae should be sent to the Honorary Secretary.

For further information and an application form, please refer to the "How to join" section of the website.

Summary of SAS Database

Summary of the latest database figures  (June 2013)

SAS Workforce and other surveys
Many thanks to all who replied to the following surveys below:

SAS Workload Survey (October 2010)

SAS Workforce (Dec 2013)

SAS Doctors workload in OPD (October 2015). This survey was provided by Dr Jonathan Slater, Associate Specialist at East Surrey Hospital.

Career development for SAS Doctors not aiming to pursue CESR (February 2017). This survey was provided by Dr Jonathan Slater, Associate Specialist at East Surrey Hospital.


Want to join the Dermatology SAS Database? Submit your details.

Database – Dermatology Staff and Associate Specialist Doctors

The BAD SAS Sub-Committee keeps details of all Dermatology Specialty Doctors, Associate Specialists, Staff Grades, Trust Grades, and other non-standard hospital grades including non-GP Clinical Assistants and Hospital Practitioners. The information enables the sub-committee to disseminate information of interest to those in the SAS grades. It will also enable the sub-committee to pass on details of educational events and information regarding SAS jobs and the information would be also needed for workforce discussions.

Application form to submit your details - Dermatology SAS database .  This is free of charge.

** Please note that joining the National Dermatology SAS database does not make you a BAD SAS member. 

For more information on how to become a BAD member, please visit


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