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Healthcare Professionals

Revalidation and WBA

Some SAS doctors have expressed an interest in more formalised demonstration of skills and competencies. Some advice on how they may be able to do this, including the use of accepted and standardised tools such as WBAs can be found below.

It would be highly appropriate for SAS’s doctors to be able to use these to support our PDP for our appraisal and to satisfy revalidation when this comes round.
Details for the workplace based assessment can be found on the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB) website, and that SAS doctors will be able to use these.  You will be able to link to the tools through this website:

With regard to meeting the revalidation requirements, the RCP provides specialty guidance for physicians, and a number of physician specialty revalidation resource guides (including for dermatology) available at the bottom of this page:
There are also templates for collecting the different aspects of supporting information. 
Please see
Details of all of the resources provided by the RCP can be found via

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