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Healthcare Professionals

SAS Doctors

BAD SAS Committee Members

Dr Rajesh Goel - Chairman
Dr Tom Lucke - Assistant Honorary Secretary
Dr Glenda Hill - Co-opted (CDU)
Dr Asha Rajeev-  Consultant Representative 
Dr Isha Narang
Dr Sheerja Bali
Dr Bindi Gaglani
Dr Marcia Davis
Dr Hannah Bennett
Dr Fareeha Faisal- Co-opted (service contracts & BAD SAS conferenece session)


Meetings: Every four months

       Mission Statement
The role of the committee is to further and support the education and career progression of SAS doctors in dermatology and to raise the profile of this committed group of the dermatology medical workforce.

We aim to share information and advice regarding contracts and signpost doctors to useful resources. To encourage career progression via educational opportunities, including clinical meeting suitable for these grades. We actively encourage application for SAS educational grants and funding and involvement in research.   We offer resources on how to navigate the CESR application route, as well as audit, appraisal and revalidation.

We encourage open communication between our members and sharing of good practice and achievements from SAS doctors on the wider NHS.

      Contact Information:
Monica Parrondo  
SAS Committee Administrator
British Association of Dermatologists
4 Fitzroy Square
London W1T 5HQ

Tel: 020 7391 6071
Fax: 020 7388 5263

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