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Promoting Dermatology Research

Members of the BAD Research Sub-Committee are available and willing to offer advice to individuals applying for research positions, eg Research Training Fellowships. We also offer practise interviews for candidates if required.

Please contact the BAD Research Sub-committee Administrator

You may also contact one of the research-active dermatologists who have offered to give mentorship to individuals interested in a career in dermatology research.  Find them on our Dermatology Research Mentors page.


If you would like to find out more about Dermatology research there are various resources available from the BAD and our associated organisations.

THESIS course - this is a two day course aimed at Dermatology Trainees, it will provide you with information and advice on how to incorporate a research degree into your clinical training.  Lectures are given by clinical Dermatologists who have a highly successful research career.  There will be plenty of chance to discuss potential research projects and at what point in your training you can undertake a research project.  Find out how rewarding a research career can be, more information about the next course here.

NIHR/BAD Taster and Travel Bursaries - £500 awarded to someone in the early stages of their career to support an organised visit to a research department or towards a scientific meeting where original research will be presented.  Find out how to apply.

BAD Research Techniques Course - A two day course held every 18 months at a highly prestigious research centre, fully funded by the BAD (delegates are only asked to cover their travel expenses to the centre).  

This course is very popular; you will learn how to perform DNA extractions, Western Blotting and bioinformatics, and have a chance to talk about and get tips for potential research projects with research scientists and clinicians. Find out more here.


British Society for Investigative Dermatology (BSID) - Network of clinical and non-clinical researchers, they hold an annual scientific meeting, travel awards are available, find out how more and how to join from the BSID website

BSF - The BSF Studentship awards are available for a three year PhD closing date in August. Find more details on the BSF Research webpages

MRC/BAD/BSF Clinical Research Training Fellowship -  Funding for a three year PhD or for a post-doc  find out more here.


Resarch articles from the BAD Newsletter can be found below:


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