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Phototherapy National Audit

Following publication of our NICE Accredited Phototherapy Service Guidance and Standards, please see the information below regarding the Phototherapy Self-Assessment Audit (England, Northern Ireland and Wales).

The Service Standards are now available both on the BAD website and the NICE website.

Please use these to support your departments in delivering quality phototherapy to patients. Recommendations

Our audit is designed to support dermatology departments through a self-assessment process against the Phototherapy Standards. We are requesting all dermatology departments (and independent providers) initially register their phototherapy service and contact details as part one of completing the survey. The second stage of the audit is the self-assessment process, which should then be completed within a 12-month period from registration. However, the second stage can be completed retrospectively by those departments who have already implemented the service standards.

Please note: our Scottish members are not required to complete the phototherapy audit due to existing arrangements with Photonet.

As a NICE Accredited document, we would encourage departmental Clinical Leads to ensure our service standards are implemented with the support of your NICE Clinical Effectiveness Team.

Please use the following link to complete the part one (registration) of the phototherapy service audit.

Please use the following link to complete part two (self-assessment process) of the phototherapy service audit.

Should you or your team have any questions regarding the Service Standards and Audit, please contact our Clinical Services Unit team on 0207 391 6097 or by email, at

If members are aware of private or independent providers running phototherapy units in their area, please could they forward the details through to the CSU to contact them.

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