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Clinical Audits

The British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) has a national clinical audit programme in place following the development of its quantitative (auditable) standards based on recommended audit points derived from evidence-based clinical guidelines.

At least one national audit will be carried out every year, with the aim of ascertaining the membership's adherence to national guidelines, as well as providing the opportunity for the membership to participate in national audits with BAD assistance.

National clinical audits


Hidradenitis suppurativa (CLOSED 17th January - 28th April)


Skin surgery (CLOSED 19th March - 22nd April 2019)


Bullous pemphigoid (CLOSED 1st Feb - 1st May 2018)


Psoriasis re-aduit (CLOSED 1st Feb - 1st May 2017)


Non-melanoma skin cancer excision re-audit (CLOSED 1st Feb - 10th Apr 2016)

Local clinical audits

As an offshoot of and a part of the ongoing work with the BAD's quantitative (auditable) standards, clinical audit proformas have also been produced to facilitate the undertaking of local audits (coming soon).

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