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BAD and minority ethnic group inclusivity

The work of the BAD in relation to minority ethnic group inclusivity aims to:

i) support our members who may face discrimination in the workplace;

ii) support patients and the wider public by addressing the lack of diversity in dermatology patient information materials; and

iii) increase minority ethnic group representation across training materials, such as those designed for medical students, and dermatology journals.

This work involves developing wider representation of skin of colour amongst dermatology images, and reviewing the descriptors used across our publications, education resources, guidelines, and patient information leaflets, to ensure minority ethnic group skin types are fully integrated into how we describe skin symptoms and diseases.

We are also looking at the nomenclature and terminologies used to describe the spectrum of human skin pigmentation occurring in people of different geographic ancestral backgrounds. This is an important piece of work that ensures that clinical practice in dermatology is inclusive, encompassing the diverse range of human phenotypes and genotypes.

The BAD recognises that the education of undergraduate and postgraduates medical students needs to be updated to better include skin of colour. This includes training materials, publications and educational events, and work is being undertaken to address this.

We are forming partnerships with other groups with similar aims, including the NHS. We have been contacted by a number of individuals and universities looking to create image libraries or handbooks to address the lack of diversity in medical education, in response to the issues raised by the Black Lives Matter campaign. As there is a degree of duplication across some of these projects, where feasible, we will try to promote collaboration between groups if this is required, and provide assistance where requested.

If you have a query about our work in this area, please email and we will endeavour to assist you.

Our statements on the work we are doing around dermatology descriptors and erythema in skin of colour can be seen in the lefthand menu.

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