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Intranet Lectures for Medical Students

This series of lectures is designed to support undergraduate teaching across UK medical schools. It aims to cover topics included in most core curricula and to provide information that will underpin practical aspects of a student's experience in dermatology. The lecture series has been devised and produced by members of the British Association of Dermatologists.              
BAD members (active members with membership number) can access the lectures (password protected) by clicking on the name of the session below or use the tabs on the left-hand side. You may need to log into the BAD website with your membership email and password before entering password for the vdeos.
Password request - please forward your BAD Member ID to Louisa Coulthurst:
If you are a medical student and not a member, you can ask your dermatology teacher to download the lectures onto your university intranet. Please follow the instructions explaining how to download the lectures onto intranet sites. 
A separate online learning resource called e-dermatology initially designed for trainees is now available, free of charge, to all clinicians working in the NHS and all members of the British Dermatological Nursing Group (BDNG) in the UK. The e-dermatology sessions focus on the diagnosis and management of common dermatological disorders. Please visit the e-dermatology section to see the list of completed modules and information on how to register for e-dermatology.
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