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Healthcare Professionals

Undergraduate Dermatology Workstream


  • Dr Mini Singh


  • Dr Stuart Cohen
  • Dr Tamara Griffiths
  • Dr Maulina Sharma
  • Dr Tom King
  • Dr Alice Coulton
  • Marilyn Benham
  • Sebastian Guterres (APPGS)

For further information, please contact Louisa Coulthurst:

Meetings: 3 times per year

Function: To advise members of the BAD Education Sub-Committee on aspects of undergraduate teaching in dermatology, including delivery, resources and assessment
The Undergraduate Dermatology workstream held their 2nd conference with undergraduate Teaching Leads on 6th March 2018. It provided the opportunity for collaboration between national undergraduate Teaching leads as well as exploration of challenges and innovations in undergraduate education. An agenda and select presentations from the day can be found below. 
Meetings: Every 2 years. The next conference will be held in Spring 2020
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