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Healthcare Professionals

Education Sub-Committee and Dermatology SAC

Education Sub-Committee

George Millington Academic Vice President   
Representative Role  
Jean Ayer Photodermatology (Co-opted member)  
Hazel Bell Vulval Disease  
Marilyn Benham BAD CEO  
Carolyn Charman Teledermatology and Community Dermatology   
Mabs Chowdhury SCE and Cutaneous Allergy  
Stuart Cohen Secondary Care Dermatology / e-learning  
David de Berker IT / Teledermatology  
Giles Dunnill Medical Dermatology  
Sara Edward Dermatopathology  
Tamara Griffiths Cosmetic / SAC Chair  
Manjit Kaur Hair and Nail Diseases  
Ruchika Kumari BAD Trainee Representative  
John Lear Skin Cancer  
Raj Mallipeddi Advanced Dermatological Surgery  
Sasha Marsland Urticaria  
Edel O'Toole Research / Genetics  
Lesley Rhodes Photodermatology  
Jane Setterfield Oral Dermatology  
Manu Shah Cutaneous Allergy  
Jennifer Sharif Medical Dermatology  
Lindsay Shaw Paediatric Dermatology  


For further information, please contact Siu Tsang:

Meetings: 2 times per year

  • to advise members of the Dermatology SAC of aspects of the dermatology curriculum
  • to act as an interface with other relevant bodies such the SAC of the JRCPTB,  the BSID and the Executive Committee

Dermatology Specialist Advisory Committee

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