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Postgraduate Awards for BAD Members

Closing date for applications: please check the deadline for each award as there are different closing dates.

Applicants are advised to download the application forms, and carefully read and adhere to the application conditions.

American Academy of Dermatology Registration Scholarship
Deadline: 10 May each year
AAD Annual Meetings are usually held in March. Four registration scholarships are available for trainees to attend the 2023 AAD Annual Meeting. The AAD will offer successful candidates:
  • Complimentary meeting registration (17-21 March 2023: New Orleans, Louisiana)
  • Admission to one ticketed session half-day course
  • An invitation to the International Scholarship Recipient Reception and Dinner, and International Member Reception
  • $1,000 USD stipend
Scholarships are open to members of the BAD and/or Dowling Club, members should apply in May for an AAD Scholarship in the Spring preceding the meeting they wish to attend. Please note previous AAD Scholarship recipients are not eligible.
BAD/DC SAS Travel Fellowship
Deadline: There are no fixed deadlines; applications may be made throughout the year.
Two travel fellowships of £500 are available each year specifically for BAD and/or Dowling Club members who hold SAS posts and wish to visit a dermatology centre or attend a dermatology meeting overseas.
BAD/DC Travel Fellowship
Deadline: 10 January and 10 May each year
Six travel fellowships of £500 each are awarded twice per year jointly by the BAD and Dowling Club for members in the UK or Ireland who wish to visit centres or to attend specific dermatological meetings overseas.
BAD Teledermatology Fellowship
Deadline: Date for 2021 TBC
Two Fellowships are available to BAD trainee members to attend the World Congress of Teledermatology in 2021. Further information to be announced.
Consultant Sabbatical Fellowship
Deadline: 10 January each year
An award of up to £20,000 is available each Winter to assist a Consultant member with the equivalent of at least 2 months full-time study/research over a period of 12 months.
Dermatology Education Bursary
Deadline: 10 May each year
An award of £5,000 is available for either associate trainee, trainee or consultant and registered for a higher degree such as a Masters or a PhD in Medical Education to assist with the proposed area of research which must be directly related to Dermatology Education at any level.
Dowling Club Overseas Trip
Deadline: Date for 2022 TBC
Further information tbc.
Emirates Dermatology Society Fellowship
Deadline: 10 May each year
The Emirates Dermatology Society are offering awarding two fellowships for BAD trainees to attend the Annual Conference. Successful candidates will receive:
  • Waived registration to the conference (dates for 2022 tbc)
  • Flights
  • Accommodation
Geoffrey Dowling Fellowship
Deadline: 10 January each year
An award of £25,000 is available each Winter to assist a member with study/research overseas for a period of 1 to 2 years.
Global Dermatology Bursary
Deadline: There are no fixed deadlines; applications may be made throughout the year.
Application form - UK BAD members              Application form - Overseas applicants

Several awards of £5,000 maximum per applicant are available per year. These are to assist UK BAD members for clinical work with a humanitarian focus and projects should be based in geographic areas of low resource. To fund overseas applicants for clinical experience in a UK dermatology department, gaining knowledge and skills which can be shared and implemented in their home department. To apply, click on the relevant application form link above.

Roger Harman African Travelling Fellowship
Deadline: There are no fixed deadlines; applications may be made throughout the year.
The fellowship was established in memory of Dr Roger Harman and is funded by the BAD. The award enables members to visit Africa for education purposes and includes funding for African Dermatologists visiting the UK within a dermatology setting. There are several separate grants available of a joint value of £10,000 per annum. Hopefully they will encourage members to make shorter trips to perhaps teach at centres in Africa.
Study Fellowship
Deadline: 10 May each year
An award of £3,750 is available each year to assist a member with the equivalent of up to 3 months full-time study/research over a period of 12 months in the UK or Ireland.
Whimster Prize
Deadline: 10 January 2023
The prize is awarded on the basis of work published in the preceding three years in the field of experimental pathology of the skin. This prize of £600 is awarded in the Winter every three years, the next round will be available in 2023.
Wycombe Prize
Deadline: 10 January 2023
This prize is for an outstanding contribution to dermatology. It is awarded every two years and material published in the previous 3 years would be eligible. The publication should have arisen from work carried out at a hospital in the UK or Ireland. The prize consists of £200 and ‘The Wycombe Chair,’ a boxed miniature replica in silver of a Windsor chair, to be held by the winner for their tenure. The next prize is available in 2023.

Clive Archer THESIS Fellowship
Deadline: 1st March each year
This Fellowship is awarded once a year by The Skin Investigation Society (THESIS) to the individual who has completed the best M.D. or Ph.D. thesis. The award of £500 will be made in retrospect once the higher degree has been awarded by an appropriate university. In 2022, only higher degrees awarded* before 31st December 2021 will be considered for the Clive Archer THESIS Fellowship.
Theses submitted for consideration of the Clive Archer THESIS Fellowship will be donated to the THESIS Library for which there is a separate payment of £35 towards the cost of binding. 
As a condition of receiving the prize, the winner must give a presentation at the THESIS/BAD/BSID meeting which takes place in June each year at Willan House, London.
Applications and e-thesis should be sent to: Siu Tsang
The BAD Office is closed, and staff are working remotely.
Please do not send your thesis to the office as it will not be received. When the office reopens, we will contact you directly to send a hardbound copy of the thesis to:
Siu Tsang
C/O Dr Mike Ardern-Jones
Clive Archer THESIS Fellowship
British Association of Dermatologists
Willan House
4 Fitzroy Square
W1T 5HQ 
*or Thesis signed off by examiners after corrections from oral examination 
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