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Healthcare Professionals

DermpathPRO Trainee Membership

The BAD Education Unit is offering a new membership category for Trainees - DermpathPRO Trainee Membership. This gets you a year's subscription to DermpathPRO for an additional membership cost of just £40 - this represents more than 40% off DermpathPRO.

You can access this through a simple addition to your current BAD subscription, much like joining a Special Interest Group. Use your BAD login to visit the membership portal SIG applications page and select DermpathPRO from the dropdown menu. If you have any issues logging in, please contact for help.

Once payment is complete the DermpathPRO administrator will be in touch to confirm your access credentials to the site.

This subscription will give trainees access to:

  • A customised training zone to guide you on your journey
  • Comprehensive resources for the diagnosis of common and rare skin conditions
  • Hundreds of teaching cases to assist you with your studies
  • An extensive image and video bank
  • Quizzes compiled by specialists from around the world, to test your knowledge

 We hope you take advantage of this excellent resource and sign up today 


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