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Healthcare Professionals

Treatment-specific guidance

On this page you will find links to BAD guidance relating to specific drugs or treatments, during COVID-19.


Covid-19: Updated Guidance For Managing Patients On Isotretinoin During the Coronavirus Pandemic (September 2020)

Covid-19: Guidance For Managing Urticaria Patients on Omalizumab During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Dermatology Grid: Advice Regarding Self-Isolation and Immunosuppressed Patients: Adults, Paediatrics and Young People

Covid-19: Clinical Guidance for the Management of Skin Cancer Patients during the Coronavirus Pandemic 

Royal College of Radiologists: Non-melanoma Skin Cancer and Covid-19

Dermatology Covid-19 Registry

The AAD has created a dermatology COVID-19 registry to understand dermatologic manifestations of the COVID-19 virus.

The survey is for all healthcare professionals taking care of COVID-19 patients who develop dermatologic manifestations, or dermatology patients with an existing condition who then develop COVID-19. 

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