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COVID-19 Lessons Learnt Report

The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it many changes. The pace at which digital transformation took place was phenomenal; innovation occurred with relaxation of layers of bureaucracy. With such a rapid change it is important for us to evaluate the impact on quality of care and to avoid locking in practices that are not useful. There have been frustrations over poor resolution of pictures and problems with time lag on video consultations. It is vital that any long-term changes to the way we work are advantageous to ourselves, our wider teams and our patients.

The BAD Lessons Learnt questionnaire was therefore devised and sent out to all Dermatology Clinical Leads in the UK in June 2020 at the start of the recovery phase following the first peak of the pandemic. The aim was to help the BAD identify non- face to face resources used in response to COVID  19 and the impact of the pandemic on our departments and patient care. 

Link to report.


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