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HR advice

On this page you will find links to HR advice and issues pertaining to your working practices, incuding advice on returning to work from retirement, advice on indemnity, and advice for pregnant workers.

Advice on working outside your normal practice:

NHS England has set out important actions being asked of every part of the NHS, to redirect staff and resources, building on multiple actions already in train:

This was followed on April 30th 2020 with a letter detailing the Second Phase of the NHS Response to Covid-19.

Dermatology medical staff will be expected to help manage the potential influx of patients. The General Medical Council (GMC) has issued guidance for doctors on working outside their specialty, which you can see here:

The GMC has issued information and advice for medical students: There is also information from the GMC on Covid-19 and revalidation:

The Nursing and Midwifery Council has also issued guidance on expanding the health and care workforce during the current pandemic:

The BMA provides Covid-19 information and resources on your work, training, education, and wellbeing as a medical professional, which you can view here: If you have any unresolved disputes over your working arrangements, please contact the BMA for advice.  

Advice for pregnant healthcare workers from RCOG:

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists has provided guidance to pregnant healthcare workers and employers during the coronavirus outbreak, which is available here:

Advice for retired members returning to practice:

The GMC has been granted emergency powers to provide Temporary registration of doctors who left the register or gave up their licence to practise in the last three years.  There is no rejoining fee and revalidation required.
BMA - COVID-19: retired doctors returning to work provides additional information. 
Corona Virus Act 2020:
All Doctors working for an NHS or HSC body  during COVID will continue to  receive indemnity through a clinical negligence scheme. This applies even if you are a locum for an NHS or HSC body.?
New provisions are set out at Part 1 section 10 (Indemnity for health service activity in England and Wales) of the Coronavirus Bill.  This cover is in addition to the normal cover under CNST (Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts).
Those who rely entirely on cover through a defence organisation, professional body or through commercial insurance are not covered through CNST.
Medical indemnity for private practice:
Category 3 work is the term used to describe medical work involving NHS patients, outside a doctor’s principal contract of employment e.g work for the employing authority/trust under a waiting list initiative.  The Department of Health states that where a practitioner is undertaking category 3 work for a third party other than an employing authority/trust, the practitioner is not covered by the NHS indemnity scheme. 
The BMA  has received assurance from the Medical Defence Organisations that MDO members, who are insured for their private practice, will be covered by their indemnity arrangements if treating NHS patients who are not NHS indemnified.
Those who rely entirely on cover through a defence organisation, professional body or through commercial insurance are not covered through CNST or CNSGP.
You must get support, advice and assistance from your medical insurer in the usual way.

MDU, MDDUS and MPS advice during COVID-19:

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