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Access To Medicine - Survey on shortages of medication or medical devices

Recently, there have been a number of licensed and unlicensed medications to which patients have had difficulty gaining access, such as Trimovate cream (resolved by BAD negotiation February 2019).

The BAD is acutely aware of the frustrations of members who prescribe or recommend a medication, and later hear that it was unavailable. Information about a specific shortage of a medication, or withdrawal of a medication, should reach individual prescribers instantly for an effective service.

To help track changes in access to medications in the UK, and to help inform other prescribers of any such change, we have developed a short, open-ended survey on Survey Monkey. We would be grateful if members of the BAD could complete it if they notice problems with patients getting access to the medications they need. It is also very useful to know of medications becoming available again.

Information from the survey will be used to help patients and colleagues throughout the UK through the BAD monthly newsletter. Thank you for contributing to this important prescriber information resource.

It can be accessed by the link:

We will collate new, ongoing and resolved supply problems in the table below:

New items with supply problems Items with ongoing supply problems Items with resolved previous problems
Hibiscrub Interferon alpha-2a Ketotifen
Efudix Cimetidine Trimovate
Nerisone Forte Erythromycin  
  Dermovate NN  


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