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Psoriasis 2017

Interim report

The assessment and management of patients with psoriasis – where are we since the last audit? (Interim report, July 2018)
A national clinical re-audit by the British Association of Dermatologists based on NICE clinical guidelines and audit standards

Email invitation to all UK working members (this audit is now closed)

1st February 2017

This is an important national clinical (re-)audit, based on the standards derived from NICE clinical guidelines for the assessment and management of psoriasis (CG153), to determine changes in clinical practice since the publication of the guidelines in 2012 and subsequent BAD national audit in 2013.

This audit is open to all BAD members in the UK and those in their clinical team.

Please collect notes for the last FIVE consecutive psoriasis patients who have been in your care for the last 12 months or more. Use these notes to respond to all the questions featured in the Excel-based spreadsheet proforma.

Further information and instructions, including how to save and submit your file, are provided in the proforma and template document for clinical audit project planning.

  • The audit standards are described at the top of the proforma, and the required data items in the row immediately underneath.
  • Where there is a small red triangle at the top-right corner of a data items cell, hovering over these yields pop-up boxes containing additional information:

  • Most cells have drop-down options from which to choose your response. Click on the appropriate cell, then click on the down arrow () which appears to the right of the selected cell, and choose your response (screen capture below); please do not type free texts in these cells and use the comments column instead, if you would like to provide further information:

  • Where the down arrow () does not appear, free-text entries are welcome.
  • There are additional questions relating to the patients (none of which require patient-identifiable information), as well as local service provision.
  • Please complete your details in the ‘About You’ section at the bottom of the proforma to validate your submission, so we can subsequently email you an acknowledgement, then the certificate of participation, as well as a copy of the results which can be used as evidence to support revalidation.

Once completed please submit to the Clinical Standards Unit ( by Monday 1st May 2017.

This is an audit based on NICE standards and is likely to be mandatory within your hospital or Trust. You may be able to register this audit with your audit department to satisfy their requirements, and also enable you to provide benchmarked results for discussion with your clinical and management team.

Before proceeding to enter the data, please consider the following:

  1. Register the audit with your hospital or Trust audit department.
  2. Obtain FIVE sets of notes meeting the required criteria (often the notes you pull are not the right ones or do not have all the required information).
  3. Set aside some free time to undertake this audit – it should take around 30-40 minutes to complete.
  4. This national audit is aimed at auditing the work of individual members. If you choose to do it for a department representing multiple clinicians, or are going to delegate it to another member of the clinical team such as a trainee or specialist nurse, please ensure that they fill in and submit one proforma for each clinician.

N.B. The questions around local service provision are not based on NICE standards but are follow-up questions to the BAD’s 2007 national audit on psoriasis, which were also featured in the 2013 national audit.

It is recognised that for clinicians to fulfil NICE recommendations, additional resource or reorganisation is likely to be required across all health service settings and that one of the purposes of this audit will be to highlight gaps in service quality and provision.

DISCLAIMER: This audit opportunity was provided by the BAD through the Health Informatics sub-committee, to enable members to undertake a national clinical audit based on NICE standards. We would like to emphasise that the questions derived from the NICE guidelines are not those designed by the BAD but are transcriptions of the audit standards set by NICE.

BAD Clinical Standards Unit

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