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Isotretinoin 2013-4


Final report (Exton et al., Clinical and Experimental Dermatology 2017; 42: 381-9)

Interim report: Compliance with isotretinoin national guidelines – where are we 2 years since the last audit? (December 2014)
A national clinical re-audit by the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) based on audit standards derived from BAD clinical guidelines on the safe introduction and continued use of isotretinoin in acne in the UK.

Graphs and summaries (PowerPoint file)

Email invitation to all UK working members (this audit is now closed)

Dear member,

This is a re-audit of the national audit from January 2012, based on the standards derived from BAD clinical guidelines on the safe introduction and continued use of isotretinoin in acne in the UK.

Please collect the notes for the last THREE consecutive patients (including at least one MALE and one FEMALE) who have completed treatment with isotretinoin for acne vulgaris within the last SIX months. Use these notes to respond to the six questions related to the standards, as well as a few additional questions.

Once you have your notes the audit should take 5-10 minutes to complete.

The audit standards are described at the top of each page.

Please complete your details on the final page to validate your submission, and so we can subsequently email you an acknowledgement, as well as a copy of the results which can be used as evidence to support revalidation.

You may be able to register this with your hospital or Trust to satisfy their requirements, and also enable you to provide benchmarked results for discussion with your clinical and management team.

The audit data collection will close on Friday 31st January 2014.

Before proceeding to enter the audit data, consider these actions:

  1. Register the audit with your hospital or Trust.
  2. Obtain at least THREE sets of notes (including at least one MALE and one FEMALE).
  3. Set aside some free time to undertake this audit. If you prefer to gather the data in a spreadsheet format initially, to enable smooth online entry later, the spreadsheet version is attached in this invitation email.

This national audit is aimed to audit the work of INDIVIDUAL members. If you choose to do it for a department representing multiple clinicians, or are going to delegate it to another member of the clinical team such as a trainee, please ensure that they gather the data on the spreadsheet first, so that it facilitates online entry. You will then have to enter data in groups of THREE patients according to the format of this online platform, giving the name of the clinician with patient responsibility in each group of three.

[N.B. You would be able to start this audit, save it, and then come back to it at a later date, should you wish]
[N.B. The "Additional questions" at the end of the audit do not feature in the spreadsheet.]
[N.B. The spreadsheet could also be used to undertake independent local audits, with a proposed population of 10 patients within a specified timeframe;  hovering over some fields in the spreadsheet will reveal the corresponding guidance for the data requirements.]

Please forward any queries to Dr M. Firouz Mohd Mustapa (

BAD Clinical Standards Unit
BAD Health Informatics Sub-Committee

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