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Healthcare Professionals

Clinical Standards

The Clinical Standards Unit was set up to provide dedicated support to the work of the Therapy & Guidelines and Health Informatics sub-committees.

The unit deals with all matters pertaining to clinical guidelines, clinical audits, information for patients, health informatics and other related areas.

Please forward any queries regarding:

ALERT: British Photodermatology Group guidance on managing psoralen-induced nausea in the absence of 5-methoxypsoralen

ALERT: Topical corticosteroids and HPA suppression supporting information 

ALERT: NHS Clinical Commissioning and NHS England & NHS Improvement letter to the BAD and DCE

ALERT: MHRA clarification on isotretinoin

ALERTBAD-NES position statement on topical steroid withdrawal

ALERTBAD position statement on Dermovate NN (clobetasol propionate 0.05%, neomycin sulfate and nystatin)

ALERT: BAD position statement on Trimovate cream (clobetasone butyrate, nystatin, oxytetracycline calcium)

ALERTBAD position statement on bath emollients for atopic dermatitis

ALERT: BAD position statement on biosimilars 2017

ALERT: A British Photodermatology Group consensus statement on UV protective films.

ALERT: A short guidance on topical corticosteroid preparations for clinicians, prepared by the unit with assistance and permission from the BNF.

ALERT: Guidance on the use of mobile photographic devices in dermatology.


Whilst the BAD is always happy to try to help with members' concerns, the BAD Clinical Standards Unit cannot advise about the management of individual patient cases. In situations where members require clinical advice, the normal route is to ask their local experts. If such advice is not available, then the unit and BAD officers may be able to suggest other clinicians with particular expertise.

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