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Writing a Business Case

Writing up your Business Case

Writing a Business Case for Dermatology Services

A Business Case should be a clear and concise document containing section headings, sub-headings and numbered paragraphs to enable the reader to pin point specific text. Detailed supporting information should be relegated to the appendix. Avoid jargon and highly technical language and provide a clear explanation or glossary for clinical or professional terminology.

Consideration of the following questions can act as a quick checklist to ensure that the proposal is worth doing and achievable: 

  • Is the need clearly stated?
  • Does the proposal contribute to the achievement of NHS policy and priorities and Trust objectives and plans?
  • Are the benefits clearly stated?
  • Is it clear how the benefits will be realised?
  • Are the demand and capacity and income forecasts robust?
  • Are the capital and revenue costs robust?
  • Is it clear why the preferred option has been selected?
  • Is it affordable?
  • Are the risks and plans to mitigate against them explicitly stated?
  • Do the main stakeholders support it?
  • Does the team have the capacity and capability to deliver it?


The scale and nature of your proposal will determine the route of approval. If it is affordable within the Directorate budget the General Manager may be prepared to agree the proposal.

However, larger more complex cases that require capital or revenue investment are likely to need Executive level approval. Meeting dates and deadlines for papers can then be used to determine the process and timescale for developing the Business Case.


The complexity of the case will determine who will need to be involved, support from the line manager is essential and help from information analysts, finance, estates and planning staff may be required.

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