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National Programmes of Care and Clinical Reference Groups

The specialised services commissioned by NHS England have been grouped into six National Programmes of Care (NPoC).  Each has an NPoC Board which coordinates and prioritises work across the services in that programme of care. Each NPoC has several Clinical Reference Groups (CRGs) to provide clinical advice and leadership.

Specialised Dermatology Services (A08) fall under the Internal medicine programme of care covering both adult and paediatric dermatology and skin cancer services. The Dermatology Specialised Service Clinical Reference Group (CRG) and membershiplead on the development of clinical commissioning policies, service specifications and quality standards. They also provide advice on innovation, horizon scanning, service reviews and guide work to reduce variation and deliver increased value.

CRGs, through their Patient and Public Voice (PPV) members, also help ensure that any changes to the commissioning of specialised services involve patients and the public.

Further information about CRGs can be found in the CRG Guide for Clinicians and CRG Guide for Stakeholders.

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