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Services tenders for dermatology

The EU Procurement Directives, implemented into UK law by The Public Contracts Regulations 2006, apply to the award of contracts by public bodies. The existing guidance to commissioners, the NHS Procurement guide for commissioners of NHS-funded services 2010, sets out requirements to meet the overarching obligations of procurement law.

These include being able to account publicly for CCG expenditure and actions by stating their commissioning strategies and intentions and the outcome of service reviews and how services will be secured (e.g. competitive tendering, AQP, or single tender action).

Commissioners are required to advertise procurements on NHS Supply2Health® (where over £100,000) and Official Journal of the European Community (OJEU) where appropriate (i.e. where high value and/or cross-border interest). They must also publish details of contract awards on NHS Supply2Health® and in OJEU (where over €200,000 in value). Supply2Health has now changed to Contracts Finder.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own dedicated public sector procurement websites. These are:
        Sell2Wales for opportunities with public sector bodies in Wales

        Public Contracts Scotland for opportunities with public sector bodies in Scotland

        eSourcing NI for opportunities with public sector bodies in Northern Ireland

As part of the support and advice the Clinical Services Unit provides we check these UK procurement portals for advertised dermatology services, informing local departments of relevant tenders.

This keeps members abreast of tenders in their local areas which may be advertised without their knowledge or involvement in the commissioning process. The BAD provides advice and support to members experiencing such problems.

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