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Despite recent initiatives by the government to provide more psychological support for patients across all services (not just within mental health), we have seen varied investment by trusts to bring this into fruition for dermatology services. While there have been some moves by commissioners and trusts to ensure this happens at a community level, there is a more pressing need for this to be extended to our secondary care services, where more complex patients with the most need are being seen. Unfortunately with many trusts having to make significant budget cuts, the development of or increased availability to more psychology support services is the last thing on their agenda, making it even harder for members to develop this valuable resource.

Our aim is to provide members with information and tools to help build psychodermatology resources into their services to best support their patients. The first stage of this development has been to initiate a psychodermatology working party report which is discussed below.

Psychodermatology Working Party Report

The purpose of the Psychodermatology Working Party Report is to provide a short report which outlines key information on psychosocial support service delivery requirements. The report is based on the most up-to-date knowledge and consensus opinions from a multidisciplinary group, to form minimum service standards for psychosocial support in dermatology departments. Every effort has been made to harmonize existing information on psycho-dermatology and published consensus documents. The Working Party report aims to provide members, commissioners, trusts and patients with a robust consensus from the experts in the field of psycho-dermatology along with references and a toolkit for members to use.

Psychodermatology Clinic Survey

The Clinical Services Unit at the BAD has been approached on occasions by our members who are interested in providing this service and support to their patients.  Unfortunately there seem to be very few dedicated clinics for patients with psychosocial needs.  In order to identify which dermatology departments, nationally, are providing a psychodermatology service or have access to psychosocial services for thir patients, the Clinical Services Unit undertook a survey of its members.  The results can be viewed at the link below.

The Clinical Services Unit would like to thank all those who took the time to complete the survey; it is greatly appreciated.

Psychodermatology Clinic Survey

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