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Patient Initiated Follow-ups

Patient Initiated Follow-ups


A Patient-initiated Follow-up is a programme where patients may arrange follow-up appointments when their conditions flare up, as part of a plan agreed by their doctor. These plans are only suitable for some patients, and it is up to the clinician to decide who may be eligible for the programme (it should only be offered for those who are able to self-manage.

The BAD has produced a guide to setting up PIFU for patients with skin conditions. This guide can be accessed the the link below. Included in the guidance is a table of skin conditions and the suggested PIFU arrangements.

Setting up Patient Initiated Follow-ups


In addition to this guidance, the following templates may also be useful for clinicians setting up PIFU for their patients.


PIFU PIL Template

PIFU SOP Template

More information on Patient Initiated Follow-ups can be found on the Outpatient Transformation NHS Future PIFU page.


Please note: you will need login details to view the page.


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