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What are Patient Panels?

Most patient panels are set up to provide input in to how secondary care health care services are designed to meet local need. Patient panels work with clinical staff and trust management to offer the patient and carer perspective on how the trusts services are delivered.

 Patient panels can:

  • Help trusts meet their legal obligations for patient engagement and involvement;
  • Act as a forum through which patients can advise from a patients perspective and help to ensure that services are well designed to improve the patient experience;
  • Help to improve communication and engagement with patients, encouraging them to take more responsibility for their health and to provide practical support;
  • Contribute to commissioning decisions and advising on proposals for redesigning of secondary care services;
  • Participate in training and education of staff, clinical governance and audit activities. 

Step by Step guide to developing your own Patient Panel
BAD has prepared the guidance,Getting started: A step by step guide to setting up patient panels in secondary carewhich contains some step by step advice on how an effective patient panel can be set up in secondary care.
An example of an existing dermatology patient panel can be found here.
Patient Panel Administration resources
The following documents can be used and customised by secondary care departments that are looking to set up their own patient panel.
1.     Flyer to recruit patients for patient panel
2.     Example of a first meeting agenda
3.     Example of a second meeting agenda
4.     Sample terms of reference
5.     Trouble shooting - potential pitfalls and tips on how to resolve them

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