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Job Planning for Dermatologists

Job planning is a professional and contractual obligation for consultants and employers. This is an annual requirement for all consultants on the 2003 Contract to reflect changing patterns of service delivery and consultant work preferences. Regular reviews of the efficient and effective use of consultants’ time are critical to keep pace with changes to healthcare delivery.

To plan properly for service delivery, job planning must be informed by relevant data: this will highlight demand on the service and capacity to meet it, which in turn will show how job plans may need to change.

NHS Employers and the British Medical Association (BMA) have agreed joint guidance on job planning, which provides a useful framework for doctors and managers to agree objectives-based, patient-focused job plans.

More information on job planning can be found on the BMA website:

The BAD has written a guide to Job Planning for Dermatologists (updated May 2021) which contains generic job plan templates for consultant-led services.

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