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Documentation for Dermatologists

The following list contains documents which may be useful when considering service provision issues.

The Lessons for the NHS - Commissioning a Dermatology Service - This report highlights the BAD experience in dealing with poor commissioning practice, and contains recommendations for clinically-led commissioning going forward - 2013

BAD Guidance for Dermatology Specialist Outreach Service Provision- 2012

BAD Guidance for Commissioning Dermatology Services 2012 - Clear concise information on commissioning dermatology services.

BAD and BSDS working party report on setting standards for Mohs micrographic surgery services - November 2011

RCP Care Closer To Home: Narrative Report 2012 - 2012

RCP Consultant Physicians Working With Patients - August 2013, Dermatology Section. This document was submitted to the RCP as the updated dermatology section of the RCP document “Consultant Physicians Working with Patients - revised 5th edition 2013”  which is a vital source of information for commissioners, planners, regional advisers, hospital trusts, individual doctors and non-medical clinicians. It provides up-to-date information on service organisation and standards, workloads, job plans. This document provides the most up-to-date details for dermatology; the entire 2013 document is available on the RCP website.

Moving Healthcare Closer to Home Guidance - September 2015

Tips on Writing a Winning Business Case - 2008

Staffing & Facilities Guidelines - 2012 - Guidance on staffing dermatology departments including types of facilities required

Models of Integrated Service Delivery in Dermatology - March 2007, Sample models of dermatology services

BAD Community Dermatology Service Specification 2011 - Recommendations for intermediate services provided under the standard NHS Community Services Contract

Teledermatology - BAD Position Statement - reviewed, April 2010

Demand Management and Follow Up Ratios Guidelines - BAD Strategies to assist members with follow-up ratio demands, August 2009

UK Audit of Provision of Care for Psoriasis Patients - BAD and RCP, February 2008

BAD Service Standards Information Sheet - BAD, June 2014

RCP Census Data Toolkit 2020-21 - The three Royal Colleges of Physicians have conducted a census of consultant physicians for many decades. As well as a short summary report, they produce interactive census data toolkits that you can download.


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