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Clinical Services and Skin Cancer Subcommittee


The Clinical Services and Skin Cancer Subcommittee help to support the workstreams of the CSU. The Subcommittee also provides practical assistance on the provision of dermatology services for the benefit of patients. The advice and guidance it produces is applicable across all service providers and commissioners and is intended to improve practice and includes patient pathways, skin cancer, private practice and developing technology.

The Subcommittee is formed by and anwserable to the Executive. It represents the membership of the British Association of Dermatoloigsts. The Clinical Vice-President chairs the subcommittee and represents it at the Executive Committee meetings.

Clinical Services and Skin Cancer Subcommittee Constitution

Clinical Services and Skin Cancer Subcommittee members:

Dr. Piu Banerjee - Chair

Dr Bryan McDonald - Honorary Secretary

Dr. Rachel Abbott

Dr. David Alderdice

Dr. Kurt Ayerst

Dr. Rebecca Batchelor

Dr. Chandra Bertram

Dr. Carolyn Charman

Dr. Keith Armstrong

Dr. Justine Hextall

Dr. Bronwyn Hughes

Dr. Stephen Keohane

Dr. Ruchika Kumari

Dr. John Lear

Dr Rubeta Matin

Lucy Moorhead

Dr. Colin Morton

Dr. Richard Motley

Dr. Michele Murdoch

Dr. Timothy Cunliffe

Dr. Kash Bhatti

Saskia Reeken

Dr. Graeme Stables

Amanda Roberts

Dr. Shireen Velangi

Dr. Aparna Vyas

Dr. Jennifer Yell

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