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Clinical Services

The Clinical Services Unit (CSU) provides advice and support to BAD members with regards to the commissioning and provision of dermatology services in the UK. The CSU work with national stakeholders, such as the CQC, the APPGS on Skin, Medical Associations, the GMC, the DoH, NHS England, NHS Digital, NHS Improvement, Local Councils, Healthwatch, Commissioners, and NHS Trusts.

The unit is led by the Clinical Vice President, Dr. Piu Banerjee (July 2020-July 2022), and our Head of Clinical Services, Tania von Hospenthal. Supporting the unit is the Clinical Services and Skin Cancer Sub-Committee. The wealth of experience and knowledge within this Committee provides the CSU with an excellent resource to advise on the following service areas:

Experience has taught us that often the solution to a problem is easier to find if we can help early in the process rather than when a crisis subsequently develops. It is also equally beneficial to hear from our members when things are going well, so we can share relevant advice with other members. Please rest assured that any issues of confidentiality will be respected.

Contact Us

For further information on our services or advice please contact the clinical services administrator at:
External: 020 7391 6085

Please note: if you are a patient seeking information on your skin condition and treatment pathways please see the Public Information section of our website or phone 020 7383 0266. We are unable to give patients clinical advice or a second opinion on their skin condition. This is a matter for your doctor.

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