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Healthcare Professionals

Advice to BAD members on online abuse

It has come to the attention of the BAD that there has been an ongoing, targeted harassment campaign against a number of dermatologists in relation to statements they have made and work they have done on the topic of isotretinoin.

This harassment has predominantly taken place on social media, particularly Instagram, but also includes phone calls and complaints to regulatory bodies.

In light of this activity the BAD would like to provide the following advice to members if they are targeted:

•             Do not engage with these individuals. If they start targeting you, do not respond
•             Document the harassment
•             Report any social media accounts which are harassing you to the social media platform they are on
•             Block these accounts on social media
•             If you have concerns for your safety, or if the harassment escalates beyond social media, report it to the police

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau also has advice on acting on harassment. This provides information on contacting the police, how to bring a civil case and information on cyber bullying.

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