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Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals

This section is dedicated to providing dermatologists, healthcare professionals and medical students with an up-to-date resource of guidelines, regulations and education. Here you can access the most recent healthcare legislation, clinical guidelines, industry reviews, educational resources, research advice and speciaist group information, in addtion to the SAS database registration and BADBIR. 

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Advice for HCPs during the Covid-19 / Coronavirus pandemic.

Clinical Standards Unit

This unit manages all workstream relating to clinical guidelines, clinical audits, patient information and health informatics. 

Clinical Services Unit

The Clinical Services Units provides BAD members, and their corresponding hospital departments, with guidance and support in the delivery and improvement of dermatological care. Relevant resources include legal developments, reviews, coding, events and service standards and guidance.

Education Unit

Medical students, trainees, GPs and teachers with an interest in dermatology can find online guidance to training courses and awards in this section, in addition to e-learning and educational resources.

Research Unit

The research section of this website is designed to provide advice from conception to completion, including guidance on when to do research, how to decide upon a theme, how to pursue funding and the grants which may be available to you. 

SAS Doctors

This section provides information on our SAS Doctors' (Association Specialist and Staff Grade) committee, SAS career development advice, opportunities and events, the latest SAS related news and the opportunity to register your details on the SAS database. 


BADBIR (the British Association of Dermatologist's Biologic Interventions Register) was established to monitor patients receiving biologic therapies as opposed to more traditional systemic treatments. 


ASTAR (the UK-Irish Atopic Eczema Systemic Therapy Register) was established to monitor patients receiving new therapies for atopic eczema as opposed to more traditional systemic treatments.


BADGEM (the British Association of Dermatologists Dermatology & Genetic Medicine) is a newly formed UK-wide clinical network dedicated to rare genetic diseases of the skin.  Established jointly in 2013 by the BAD and the Centre for Dermatology and Genetic Medicine.


UK TREND (UK Translational Research Network in Dermatology) was established by the BAD to support, facilitate and further develop internationally-leading, translational reserach in skin biology and skin disease across the UK for the direct benefit of patient care.

Specialist Groups

Information and contact details of groups which have been set up by BAD members to specialise in and further develop the knowledge of specific areas of dermatology and dermatological conditions can be accessed through this section.  

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