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Be Sun Aware Roadshow

Be Sun Aware Roadshow

Following the huge succes of the 2011 and 2012  Be Sun Aware: Mole & Sun Advice Roadshows, supported by skincare brand La Roche Posay, the 2013 roadshow upheld its reputation in raising awarness of skin cancer risks and educating the public how to enjoy the sun safely.

Through practical, face-to-face demonstrations and engagement with the public the BAD continued to encourage people to check their skin, seek the appropriate form of UV sun protection and go to their GP if they notice any changes to their skin.

Skin cancer incidence continues to rise in the UK and over 100,000 people are newly diagnosed with the disease every year. Malignant Melanoma, the most deadly form of the disease, is the fastest rising common cancer and causes over 2,000 deaths in the UK each year. That equates to at least one person dying from the disease every six hours. Most cases of melanoma are curable if detected early enough, but if diagnosis is delayed and the cancer spreads then your chances of surviving are greatly reduced.

In 2013, the roadshow visited some of the UK's leading events, including the Isle of Wight Festival, Latitude and Boardmasters.

Be Sun Aware Roadshow 2014

We are delighted to announce the launch of the 2014 Be Sun Aware Roadshow, which is proudly sponsored by La Roche-Posay.

This year the educational mole-checking event will be launching at the London's King Cross on the 20th May. Following the launch in the capital, the Be Sun Aware team will be taking to the road offering free mole check education and advice at some of the country's top summer events. This year's program includes:

Isle of Wight Festival, 12th-15th June

Latitude, 17th-20th July

Boardmasters, 6th-10th August

Be sure to come along and visit us at one of these events and keep up-to-date will all the latest roadshow news at

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