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Melanoma Leaflets

BAD Melanoma Advice Leaflets

The British Association of Dermatologists produces the following information about melanoma.

Do I have to pay to get a mole checked?

ABCD-Easy guide to checking your moles.

Moles (Melanocytic Naevi)

Melanoma: an Overview

In addition to the above, there are also leaflets available below, produced by the BAD for the National Cancer Action Team’s National Cancer Patient Information Pathways. The national information pathways can be accessed via the information prescriptions service (IPS).

From an NHS computer -  use the url 

From any other computer - click on

‘Information prescriptions’ support patients to receive the right information at the right time and provide patients and carers with written information to support their discussions with Healthcare Professionals.  An IP is tailored to an individual’s needs allowing them to receive as much or as little information as they want at that point in time The information prescriptions service (IPS) refers specifically to the website available from NHS Choices which hosts the ‘national cancer information pathways’ and enables the production of ‘information prescriptions’ (IPs) using their content.

National Cancer Information Pathways have been developed by the National Cancer Action Team (NCAT) in partnership with key charities, healthcare professionals and patients/carers. 

The key points within each pathway are:

·         Prevention and risk factors

·         Symptom awareness and early detection

·         Screening

·         Referral, tests and investigations

·         Diagnosis and staging

·         Treatments

·         Follow up and cancer in remission

·         Recurrence and advanced disease 

Although these leaflets have been produced by the BAD they have not gone through the information standard process. 

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