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97th Annual Meeting of the British Association of Dermatologists

The 97th Annual Meeting of the British Association of Dermatologists took place at the ACC Liverpool 4th  - 6th July 2017.

Report by Rajesh Goel (Northampton)

It was July and the time for annual Bad meeting. I was all set to attend the meeting with tickets booked and bag packed.

The venue was the cultural city of Liverpool. Liverpool has some great memories for me as this is the City where I started my dermatology career in UK. It has been more than a decade and although the city has changed a lot, the charm was still the same.

As a SAS doctor the highlight of the meeting for me is the SAS preconference session. I was there on Monday to attend the session which usually attracts attendance from not only SAS doctors but also consultant colleagues as it is packed with clinical lectures relevant to our day to day practice. This year the topics ranged from Cutaneous Porphyrias to understanding Pruritus and management of Connective tissue disorders.

Then a new twist with the combined lecture with the trainees, delivered by Prof Giuseppe Argenziano on dermoscopy. This was a great talk delivered in the simplest of ways but provided with an excellent overview of the skill of dermoscopy. A thoroughly enjoyable session and a great start to the meeting.

As a SAS doctor attending the meeting, I feel the SAS preconference session does help me to start the meeting with a positive feeling and with the familiarity of being with colleagues with the same background.

The networking event in the evening is always useful to see old colleagues but also meet many new ones every year. Meeting new people and talking to colleagues in my mind reaffirms that SAS grade is a favoured choice as a career for a lot of doctors and more and more doctors from mainland Europe. It may also suggest that there is a significant movement to and from the SAS grade.

The annual meeting as always was helpful in its content. For me personally the focus usually is more on the clinical content of the meeting and the knowledge gained not just by attending the lectures and case presentation but there is a lot more to be gained from browsing through the Posters in the meeting.

With such a variety of content being delivered it is easy to miss important bits during the meeting but I do make a point to go round the poster presentation. Talking about missing parts of the meeting, it was particularly the Tuesday AM session which was packed with excellent content on cutaneous allergy, clinicopathological cases and dermatological surgery. It was a difficult decision for me to decide on which session to attend and I wondered if I can try, what I could only describe as session hopping, and attend all the presentations which I felt were important to me but in the end decided to stick to BSDS as skin cancer surgery is a big part of my practice.

The BADFEST which was my first one was a great success. As I understand the first one last year was a huge success as well which unfortunately I missed. This time I marvelled the senior Dermatologists who are such accomplished clinicians but also talented musicians. Lot of inspiration to do more with my life from BADFEST.

The rest of the meeting was a whirlwind of academic activity with interesting case presentations and plenary sessions on dermoscopy and changing paradigms in the classification and management of patients with high risk SCC.

I have a special interest in cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology and I always try and attend the British Cosmetic Dermatology Group meeting. The talk on the regulatory framework in cosmetic and aesthetic practice was highly relevant in the current environment. Current management of Rosacea was a very useful and practical session to attend. Wednesday ended with invited lectures and particularly useful for me was the presentation about drug use in pregnancy.

I find the annual meeting exhausting both physically and mentally. The old grey cells and getting older do tire out trying to assimilate all the educational content of the meeting. So on the final day of the meeting I overslept and missed the early morning sponsored symposia but managed to be there for the British Society for Paediatric Dermatology & The British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology joint session and followed by the British Hair and Nail society session. The post lunch session on Teledermatology in the era of mobile phones was something I was looking forward to especially with the release of new guidelines on the use of mobile phones in dermatology. The invited lecture on improving the financial aspects of our departments was very relevant in the current climate of commissioning of dermatology services with increasing involvement of private providers. On the whole, a very productive meeting as always and enjoyable one, especially the BADFEST.

After the annual meeting as a SAS doctor, my focus shifts to the clinical dermatology update meeting which this year is in early October. It is a very successful clinical meeting in its 13th year and I am confident will be an excellent meeting to match the history of the last 12 years.

So signing off for now until next year.

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