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BAD Sub-committees
Clinical Excellence Awards

Clinical Excellence Awards Sub-committee

Function To judge CVQs submitted by members and prepare nominations to the advisory committees on distinction awards in England and Wales.
Meetings Annually
Contact Anna Tong


Education Board

Education Board


The Education Board exists to develop accredited, quality-assured training frameworks for multiple grades in dermatology, excluding NTN training which is the remit of the SAC. The ultimate goal of developing such training is to drive forward standards of patient care.

Meetings Monthly
Contact Louisa Coulthurst


Fellowship Awards

Fellowship Awards Sub-Committee

Function To co-ordinate undergraduate and postgraduate fellowships in the field of dermatology.
Meetings Twice yearly, usually 6 weeks after fellowship deadline date.
Contact Siu Tsang:


National Dermatology Trainee

National Dermatology Trainee Committee

Function A forum for the exchange of views and information relating to trainee matters.
Meetings Twice a year.
Contact Viththika Lingeswaran:


Staff and Associate Specialists

Staff and Associate Specialists Sub-committee

Function The role of the committee is to further and support the education and career progression of SAS doctors in dermatology and to raise the profile of this committed group of the dermatology medical workforce.
We aim to share information and advice regarding contracts and signpost doctors to useful resources. To encourage career progression via educational opportunities, including clinical meeting suitable for these grades. We actively encourage application for SAS educational grants and funding and involvement in research. We offer resources on how to navigate the CESR application route, as well as audit, appraisal and revalidation.
We encourage open communication between our members and sharing of good practice and achievements from SAS doctors on the wider NHS
Meetings Three times a year.
Contact Monica Parrondo
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