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BAD Sub-committees

Finance Sub-committee

Function To consider the financial aspects of the Association's affairs.
Meetings Quarterly, starting in March.
Contact Catherine Hanaway
Historical Collection

Historical Collection Sub-committee

Function The BAD Historical Archive Collection was founded to safeguard at BAD House, and disseminate when needed, important archival materials relating to British dermatology.
Meetings Three times a year

Maria Louro-Luana:


Newsletter Sub-committee

Function The editorial committee responsible for publishing relevant views and information in the quarterly newsletter and commissioning articles to reflect members’ interests.
Meetings Monthly.
Contact Maria Louro-Luana
Patient Support Groups

Patient Support Groups Sub-committee

Function To meet with the representatives of the patient support groups for the exchange of current issues and to facilitate mutual support and collaboration.
Meetings May and November.
Contact Monica Parrondo
Private and Independent Practice

Private and Independent Practice Sub-committee

The Executive continually review the role of the various committees within the BAD, particularly with a view to ensuring that they fit within the business structure of the organisation.

As part of this review, the position of the Private and Independent Practice Subcommittee (PIPSC) was considered. Given the changes in healthcare provision, and particularly the increasing role of private providers within the NHS, it seemed sensible that private practice now fitted most usefully within the Clinical Services Unit, where questions about service delivery are managed.

The PIPSC therefore met for the last time in July 2009. The current Chair of the PIPSC has become a full member of the Clinical Services Group.

The Private Practice course will continue, but run directly by BAD House. For information on courses please contact Clinical Services at


Publishing Sub-Committee

Function To meet with the BAD’s publishers to discuss business and editorial issues related to the BJD and CED.  To discuss new publishing projects.
Meetings Twice a year in December and June. Additional editorial meetings are held by the Editors throughout the year.
Contact John Caulfield
Strategic Working Party

Strategic Working Party

Function To plan BAD strategy over a two-three year period.
Meetings One meeting held each year and ad hoc meetings as and when required.
Contact Simon Morrison



Website Sub-committee

Function To co-ordinate the upkeep and further development of the BAD Website..
Meetings Monthly 
Contact Maria Louro-Luana
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