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BAD Sub-committees
Biologics Register

Biologics Register Sub-committee

Function To oversee all aspects of the British Association of Dermatologists Biologics Intervention Register (BADBIR)
Meetings Three times a year.
Contact    Dr Sagair Hussain
Clinical Excellence Awards

Clinical Excellence Awards Sub-committee

Function To judge CVQs submitted by members and prepare nominations to the advisory committees on distinction awards in England and Wales.
Meetings Annually
Contact Anna Tong


Clinical Services and Skin Cancer

Clinical Services and Skin Cancer Committee


To provide practical experience to national stakeholders and members for the benefit of patients. The advice and guidance it produces will be applicable across all service providers and commissioners and is intended to improve practice and includes patient pathways, skin cancer, private practice and developing technology

Meetings Every second month starting January
Contact Adrienne Webberley



Communications Sub-committee

Function To implement and oversee a Communications Strategy, to promote dermatology services and the specialty to members of the public and to improve internal communications with members.
Meetings Quarterly
Contact Matthew Gass


Conference & Events

Conference & Events Sub-committee

Function To consider all aspect of the current organisation and future development of the BAD Annual Meeting and any other meeting organised by the BAD.  To oversee the external meetings organized by the Conference & Event Services Department.
Meetings Quarterly, starting February
Contact Chris Garrett
Dermatology Council for Scotland

Dermatology Council for Scotland

Functions The Dermatology Council for Scotland is a BAD subcommittee comprising dermatologists,  dermatology nurses, patient and Primary Care representatives. Its roles are to advise the BAD Executive on matters relating to the practice of dermatology within  and to represent and promote the interests of dermatology patients by communication with members of the Scottish Government and their officers.
Meetings Twice a year.

Maria Louro. Please contact


Dermatology Council for Wales

Dermatology Council for Wales

Function To advise the BAD Executive on matters relating to the practice of Dermatology in Wales, and to act as the Specialty Advisory Committee on Dermatology to the Welsh Medical Committee which reports to the Welsh Assembly Government.
Meeting Twice a year (ad hoc meetings where necessary).
Contact  Monica Parrondo
Education Board

Education Board


The Education Board exists to develop accredited, quality-assured training frameworks for multiple grades in dermatology, excluding NTN training which is the remit of the SAC. The ultimate goal of developing such training is to drive forward standards of patient care.

Meetings Monthly
Contact Louisa Coulthurst


Fellowship Awards

Fellowship Awards Sub-Committee

Function To co-ordinate undergraduate and postgraduate fellowships in the field of dermatology.
Meetings Twice yearly, usually 6 weeks after fellowship deadline date.
Contact Siu Tsang:



Finance Sub-committee

Function To consider the financial aspects of the Association's affairs.
Meetings Quarterly, starting in March.
Contact Catherine Hanaway
Historical Collection

Historical Collection Sub-committee

Function The BAD Historical Archive Collection was founded to safeguard at BAD House, and disseminate when needed, important archival materials relating to British dermatology.
Meetings Three times a year

Maria Louro-Luana:

National Audit

National Audit Sub-Committee

  • To help enable members of the BAD to perform national and local audits.
  • To advise and collaborate with the Officers of the BAD on the creation or identification of audit data-collection tools or platforms.
  • To conduct a national clinical audit annually, based on standards derived from clinical guidelines or guidance produced by the BAD or other national bodies.
  • To conduct national service audits, based on service standards produced by the BAD or other national bodies.
    • Utilising the dermatology national registry for clinical interventions for annual reporting and benchmarking outputs.
  • To act as an interface with other relevant bodies.
Meetings Three to four times a year.
Contact Dr M. Firouz Mohd Mustapa


National Dermatology Trainee

National Dermatology Trainee Committee

Function A forum for the exchange of views and information relating to trainee matters.
Meetings Twice a year.
Contact Viththika Lingeswaran:



Newsletter Sub-committee

Function The editorial committee responsible for publishing relevant views and information in the quarterly newsletter and commissioning articles to reflect members’ interests.
Meetings Monthly.
Contact Maria Louro-Luana
Patient Support Groups

Patient Support Groups Sub-committee

Function To meet with the representatives of the patient support groups for the exchange of current issues and to facilitate mutual support and collaboration.
Meetings May and November.
Contact Monica Parrondo
Private and Independent Practice

Private and Independent Practice Sub-committee

The Executive continually review the role of the various committees within the BAD, particularly with a view to ensuring that they fit within the business structure of the organisation.

As part of this review, the position of the Private and Independent Practice Subcommittee (PIPSC) was considered. Given the changes in healthcare provision, and particularly the increasing role of private providers within the NHS, it seemed sensible that private practice now fitted most usefully within the Clinical Services Unit, where questions about service delivery are managed.

The PIPSC therefore met for the last time in July 2009. The current Chair of the PIPSC has become a full member of the Clinical Services Group.

The Private Practice course will continue, but run directly by BAD House. For information on courses please contact Clinical Services at


Publishing Sub-Committee

Function To meet with the BAD’s publishers to discuss business and editorial issues related to the BJD and CED.  To discuss new publishing projects.
Meetings Twice a year in December and June. Additional editorial meetings are held by the Editors throughout the year.
Contact John Caulfield

Research Sub-committee

Function To advise members of the BAD Executive Committee on aspects of promoting and supporting research into skin health and disease and to act as an interface with other relevant bodies such as the BSID, RCP, SAC, BSF and external organisations.     
Meetings Three times per year.

Natasha Steeds:

Lillie Turnbull-Jones:

Skin Cancer Prevention

Skin Cancer Prevention Sub-committee

Function To raise awareness through public and media communications, campaigns and lobbying, of skin cancer prevention and early detection methods.
Meetings A minimum of two meetings will be held per annum.  
Contact Matthew Gass


Staff and Associate Specialists

Staff and Associate Specialists Sub-committee

Function The role of the committee is to further and support the education and career progression of SAS doctors in dermatology and to raise the profile of this committed group of the dermatology medical workforce.
We aim to share information and advice regarding contracts and signpost doctors to useful resources. To encourage career progression via educational opportunities, including clinical meeting suitable for these grades. We actively encourage application for SAS educational grants and funding and involvement in research. We offer resources on how to navigate the CESR application route, as well as audit, appraisal and revalidation.
We encourage open communication between our members and sharing of good practice and achievements from SAS doctors on the wider NHS
Meetings Three times a year.
Contact Monica Parrondo
Strategic Working Party

Strategic Working Party

Function To plan BAD strategy over a two-three year period.
Meetings One meeting held each year and ad hoc meetings as and when required.
Contact Simon Morrison




  • to develop appropriate models of care for the benefit of patients
  • to inform the BAD membership of developments and standards 
  • To deliver a teledermatology session at the BAD Annual Meeting
  • To develop web based resources

Meetings: 3-4 times a year


Therapy & Guidelines

Therapy & Guidelines Sub-Committee

Function To commission clinical guidelines for the BAD, to collaborate with and help prepare official responses to external organisations on issues surrounding guidelines and therapies, to produce and commission the BAD's Patient Information Leaflets (PILs), to edit dermatology guidelines produced for GPs and to provide assistance in the updating of the British National Formulary. Part of the BAD's Clinical Standards Unit.
Meetings Every two months, five times a year.
Contact Dr M. Firouz Mohd Mustapa

Website Sub-committee

Function To co-ordinate the upkeep and further development of the BAD Website..
Meetings Monthly 
Contact Maria Louro-Luana
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