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Willan Library

The Willan Library is split between two sites. The older books (pre-1920) are located in the Willan Room at Royal College of Physicians (RCP). The more recent books (post 1920-)  known as the Bateman collection are housed at Willan House. An appointment is required to see any of these books. For books held in the Willan Room the RCP Library requires at least 3 working days notice, please book an appointment via, for books in the Bateman Collection please contact

The Willan Library catalogue is a 'closed' special collection in the RCP Library catalogue and is available to search at:

To search for a specific  book, just type in the surname of the author (except Willan, as that is the name of the collection!) or a few words from the title and press return. If it is an edited book the editor’s names do not appear as the authors, but you can search for the book using their names. NB: Donors names are also indexed, so if the author you are looking for has donated books to the Willan Library these books will also appear in the search results. To see the whole collection just press return.

By default, the results appear in descending date order so the most recently published appear first, you can change this to ascending if required. The results can also be sorted by author, title, publisher or document type. The records are site specific, so if there are two copies, one held in the Willan Room and one in the Bateman Collection, there will be two entries in the catalogue.

To return to the BAD website, click on 'BAD Home' top left.

The historical books from the Willan Library that have been digitised are now available to read at:

Up until now there has been some reticence about accepting further donations to the Willan Library as, without the knowledge of what was owned, we wished to avoid multiple copies of texts. Now that we have a clear idea of what the collection contains we welcome any enquiries about further donations to fill in the gaps. Please contact

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