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A Biographical History of British Dermatology


Having known Archibald Gray and worked alongside Geoffrey Dowling my memory spans five decades. My love for the BAD is very real and has much to do with being initiated into its affairs by Geoffrey Dowling but particularly by Hugh Wallace. These biographical notes only relate to those who, in my opinion, have positively contributed to the development of British dermatology or our Association. There are many whose names do not feature and if any omission causes offence then I am solely to blame. Those happily still in the land of the living are mentioned in only the most cursory way. I am grateful to Charles Calnan, Joe Pegum, Oliver Scott, Stanley Bleehen and Julian Verbov for their help and particularly Alan Lyell who kept me abreast of some Scottish affairs. However this would never have seen the light of day had it not been for the unremitting labours of John Savin. It is true that in the distant past I was officially his mentor at St George's but the boot is now surely on the other foot; my gratitude to him is limitless. I also wish to thank the BAD staff at Number 19, notably Michelle Hardwicke, Adrienne O'Donohue and Clair Young, all of whom helped me to assemble this material, it was a pleasure. The photographs have been culled from back numbers of our journal, and from Peter Smith.

Stephen Gold

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