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Overseas Trip

Overseas Trip:

We are delighted to announce that the next Dowling Club overseas trip will be to Tanzania in January 2016. The first part of the trip from 9th-16th January will take place in Moshi, Tanzania. Moshi is a town with views over to Mount Kilimanjaro and there we are pleased to be attending and contributing to their annual dermatology conference. The itinery for the rest of the week will include attending clinics and sightseeing the local area. An optional extension until the 20th January is available to experience the excellent safari Tanzania has to offer.

The trip promises to be a fascinating insight into tropical dermatology and medicine in another country. For trainees the trip will enhance both your knowledge and CVs, while providing an excellent opportunity to mix with colleagues from around the UK and abroad. Trainees will be asked to contribute to a presentation session, allowing the chance to present on an international platform.

Further details will be sent out via email to Dowling Club members when available.

Previous Dowling Club Overseas Trips

2012 - India

2011 - Germany and Poland

2010 - Hong Kong and New Zealand

The annual trip abroad in 2010 was to New Zealand (25/04/10 – 13/05/10). It was excellent educational value, consisting of the New Zealand Dermatology Society meeting and 3 other clinical meetings. The trip also gave a taste of the breathtaking New Zealand scenery.

2009 - Mexico
This trip saw the usual mix of work and play. There were visits to the historical centre of Mexico City, the silver-mining town of Taxco, the world heritage sites of Guanajuato and Puerto Vallarta and an optional extended tour to Chiapas & The Mayan Route-Palenque. Clinical and scientific meetings with dermatologists in Mexico City and Guadalajara were also arranged and the trip happily coincided with the The Mexican National Congress of Mycology (Asociación Mexicana de Micología Médica) in Guanajuato.

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